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Ford Ranger Fixings Trim Clips and Fasteners -T6 (2012-2015)

Below you can find a list of some of the trim clips and fasteners that we keep in stock for the Ford Ranger T6 (2012-2015). We have tried to list the parts under subheadings which indicate the location they are used. Please note that there may be other clips used which we do not stock and which are not shown. If you need something specific for your Ranger and you can't find it, just let us know and we'll try to help or suggest an alternative.
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Engine Bay Shield

Engine Heat Shield or Insulator Fastener

Front and Rear Lamp

  • Mounting Grommet, Bumpers & Lamps, Ford 6659902

    This part is used on modern Ford cars and vans. The grommet is typically used for mounting front or rear lamps and bumpers.

Front Door Card

Front Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard

Rear Bumper and Trim Fastener

Rear Door Card

Rear Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard

Windscreen Cowl or Scuttle Panel